Nina Winternheimer: BIO


Nina Winternheimer DressageNina Winternheimer is a Grand Prix rider and USDF gold medalist. She has a formal European education and extensive experience in training horses and riders of all levels.


Her style of training is calm, kind and getting results with the horse's mental and physical well-being in mind. Also important to her is for the rider to have a clear goal to work towards, weather it might be improving her position or a goal in the show arena. Nina also skilled at working horses on long lines as a supplement way of educating them.


Her motto is "Dressage is for the patient person. It is not a quick gratification sport and can be frustrating. It's important to know this otherwise it won't be fun. And it's way to expensive and time consuming for you not to have fun!. You have to love the process and be intrigued by it. And you also have to love the horse. If you love the horse, you will do what's best for him, and that is always the right thing to do."


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